Season’s change.

The days are warm and bright, but as dusk approaches gulls will cross the sky on their migratory path northwards, indicating a change in the season. During the day, though, we enjoy the sunshine as we sit in the little office hut and watch the boats coming home from their summer of adventures. There are stories to be told, and we will hear them all as we greet their return. You will curl up on the filing cabinet and pretend not to listen but the swish of your tail or the twitch of an ear will give your game away. You know the friendly chatter of the regulars who will rub your belly and coo over you, and you listen for the unknown voices of winter moorers who you will later petition for morsels of their supper. Regulars know better than to feed you by now. You are not as fat as you once were because the sign on the office board warns against your charm offensive and lists the threats the veterinary nurse showered me with when last you saw her. We need you healthy and full of life because what would this little office hut be without you? What would we be without you? You are as part of boat life here as the rising and falling of the water levels, as the changing of the seasons, and the passing of gulls overhead.


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