The Changing Face of Time

We have seen a lot of this river, you and I. We have watched people flow through our lives on the current; swirling eddies of faces and names that ripple away from our touch, forever moving onwards and away. A river must never stop moving, and we all must change with it. I often wonder how the river has formed us, and for how much longer we will call it home.

I nearly lost you last year to an illness that came on so suddenly and quickly that I was told to expect the worst. But you fought to stay. You will always bear the marks; a face changed and a body that moves slower. Through all the years, the illnesses, the scars, and the other subtle ways that time has meandered across us both, we will face what is to come together. We will always have these stories, and the boats, and the people who are as transient as water. Wherever there is the Thames, there will be you. We will have this island of time as you lay curled beside me and I write. We will ride these Thames waters together.

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